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DDA draws the guidelines for the future farmhouses in the Capital

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The DDA, in its recent notification, has left many Farmhouse owners in a limbo. With limiting the size of the Farmhouse that can be constructed to less than half, 1 acre from the 2.5 acre originally set, these are some testing times for the owners of these properties. By definition, the Farm Houses are houses constructed on the piece of land labelled Farm and that’s done to ensure the wellbeing of the crop being cultivated on the land.

However, since the last few decades, the Farmhouses have seen different things being associated with them. From a safe investment bet in the 80’s to a symbol of wealth and a must have for the elite, farmhouses around Delhi are host to dazzling parties on the weekends. However, the growing proximity to the national highways raised a concern of the breaching of the 18 m limit that has to be there from the Farmhouse to any road. Thus, to curb the mushrooming of Farmhouses and to rein in the ones that flayed the norms, new guidelines had been passed.

With limiting the area of construction to just 0.5 m for every hectare owned, the number of construction left obliging to the rules are few and far in between. With the Master PLan 2021 also in mind, around 26 villages around Delhi have been declared as developmental and hence, the scrutiny of the farmhouses is bound to increase further. With the basic facilities like water supply, drainage and sewerage to be regulated more to keep the exploitation of resources in check, the owning of Frarmhouses comes with its fair share of responsibilities. While there are many that may face the backlash, an overwhelming majority that constructed the farmhouses to enjoy the tranquillity on offer is bound to benefit.

DDA tweaks the guidelines to subsume nearby villages

The DDA has recently tweaked the norms regarding the areas classified as “Low Residential Areas”, with the packets of land of minimum 4000 sq m being billed as the low residential area. The majority of Farm houses falling in these areas would be subject to further scrutiny as one of the conditions laid out has been the restriction of the DDA has been to curb the further load on civic amenities like water supply, drainage, sewerage and parking.

With the Green cover fixed as 50 percent of the total area, the farm houses failing to do so would be penalised with a residential unit of 30 sq m per acre, the Floor Area Ratio fixed as 15, maximum height set at 12m and the maximum width of roads in front limited to 7.5m. The Farmhouses lying near the vicinity of urban roads would be required to be at least 30 m away from the road and those in the areas declared as rural to be away by at least 15 m. No Farmhouses or dwelling units would be allowed to be set up within 400 meters of any National Highways.

For all the other units, the rules pertaining to the guidelines laid out by NHAI would be followed. The plots within 0.4 to 2 hectares would be allowed to host Naturotherapy clinics, Health Care clinics with the condition that half the area be dedicated for soft parking and landscaping. Any residential unit built on the land notified for occupation by the authorities would be null and void owing to the Supreme Court notification. For the plots more than 2.5 Ha and at least 18m away from the road would be eligible for setting up of any recreational clubs granted that 50 percent of the area is dedicated to building purposes and landscaping in equal proportions.



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